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    function gk_nitter_filter($url) {
        $url = preg_replace('/https?:\/\/(?:mobile\.)?twitter\.com\/(\S*)/', 'https://nitter.kavin.rocks/$1', $url);
        $url = preg_replace('/https?:\/\/pbs\.twimg\.com\/(\S+)\?format=(\w+)(\S*)/', 'https://nitter.kavin.rocks/pic/$1.$2', $url);
        $url = preg_replace('/https?:\/\/pbs\.twimg\.com\/(\S*)/', 'https://nitter.kavin.rocks/pic/$1', $url);
        return $url;


    Запостил: gostinho, 20 Декабря 2022

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    • https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FjUMMZOWYAEWMmL?format=jpg
    • Скажите что-нибудь по-твиттеровски
    • Сосьете дженераль
    • Нихуя себе. У меня ссылки на PHP.net работают. Так всегда было?
      • Зачем тебе php.net? Опять ты за старое??
        • Тьфу, блядь. Это потому что кто-то на аккаунте MAKAKA настройки осетинские выставил.
    • Ukraine Conflict – Cancellation of Your Account

      Dear MAKAKA,

      As you may already be aware from IONOS's public statements, IONOS has made the difficult decision to no longer provide services to Russian and Belarusian customers. While we understand that you may not personally support the war in Ukraine or the policies which led up to the war, it's important that IONOS make clear our support for the people and country of Ukraine. With that in mind, your account will be terminated effective, so please transfer all of your data, domain names, and any related email addresses to another provider no later than the termination date. After the termination date, any domains which are not transferred will resolve to an error page until the domain expiry date, and any data associated with your account will be deleted.

      If you believe your website provides information services that are critical to the defense of Ukraine or which assist in ensuring the safety and well-being of the Ukrainian people, please reach out to us directly and an IONOS representative will review your site as a possible exception to the company's general policy on terminations. Please note that IONOS will make any such determination in its sole and unfettered discretion, without any obligation to you.

      In case you need support, please contact our Customer Service team at:


      We stand with Ukraine!


      IONOS Customer Service
      • Какой багор
      • так что домена моего больше нет, и почты тоже нет, и уебаны киберсквоттеры его уже спиздили так что его мне не купить обратно

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